19 Cheap Baby Products That Are Total Game Changers

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This is one of those cheap baby products that you might not think you need, until your kid starts walking.

Blisstime Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Wrist Link for Toddlers, Babies & Kids

Image: Amazon

Remember how you used to turn your nose up at parents who used a baby leash? SORRY, not a leash, a “harness”. You’ve seen them. They even make cute little backpacks to attach to, so it doesn’t look like you’re walking your toddler on a leash. But it doesn’t even matter, because they are so necessary it’s not even funny. Balk all you want now, but when your toddler starts really moving, you will want something to keep them close to you. This Blisstime Safety Wrist Link is a great option. Like handcuffs for toddlers and parents! And only $8.99.

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