19 Cheap Baby Products That Are Total Game Changers

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Not all cheap baby products are necessary, per se. But they can make life a little less gross.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush, Blue Full Size + Gray Mini (2-Pack)

Image: Amazon

There’s not a whole lot you can do to make the diaper changing process NOT suck. It’s gross. It’s stressful once they start wiggling around. It happens so much! Like, SO MUCH. Pee diapers are fine, a couple of wipes and you’re done. But poop diapers? Or worse, poop diapers on a rashy bum? The worst. That diaper rash cream may work wonders on your baby’s butt, but it is a pain to clean up off your hands. Not to mention, it’s hard to hold a wiggling baby in one hand and unscrew a tube in the other. This diaper cream brush from BabyBum is the cheap answer to your prayers! It’s like a butt spatula. You can get a full size and travel mini for $14.99, or one full size for $6.99.

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