19 Cheap Baby Products That Are Total Game Changers

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Cheap baby products can save you money and time!

Baby Silicone Placemat Feeding Set Kirecoo Owl Plates + One Utensil Baby Fork and Spoon Set with Travel Case (Green)

Image: Amazon

Once your kid starts feeding themselves, you’ll vacillate between two emotions. Pride over their accomplishments, and abject horror and disgust over how incredibly gross and messy meal times have suddenly become. It’s so cute to watch an infant or toddler feed themselves! It’s less cute when you see all the food all over the floor, chair, and kid. Then they get into that phase where they think it’s funny to throw their bowls and plates off the tray. Put a stop to all of this madness with the Kirecoo Silicone Placemat Feeding Set. The cute owl plate sticks tight to the tray, so even the nimblest baby fingers can get it off. The set comes with one tray and a fork and spoon and sells for $12.99 on Amazon.

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