19 Cheap Baby Products That Are Total Game Changers

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You’ll probably use pacifiers. And lose pacifiers (cha-ching!). Get these inexpensive pacifier clips to keep track of them.

cheap baby products

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You will pull your hair out trying to keep from losing all the pacifiers. They go to the same place socks and Tupperware lids go, apparently. Plus, when your baby realizes it has arms that can throw stuff, they will chuck that binky all over creation. Then you have to find it, clean it, blah blah blah. Keep that pacifier clipped tight to your kid at all times with these Upsimples pacifier clips. It’s only $7.99 for a pack of six, which is a steal! So you can either spend that eight bucks up front, or spend another $20 down the line replacing all those losts pacis. Your choice.

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