In Rare Celeb Mommy Move, Charlize Theron’s Son Makes Unprofitable Debut In Airport

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charlize theron babyBack in March, Charlize Theron announced that she had adopted a baby boy, prompting some to dig up old comments in which she had hinted at being a single mother. Jackson has been kept under wraps it seems for the last two months, with pictures here and there of his little feet sticking out of his carrier. But it appears there won’t be any profitable debut Us Weekly photos or People magazine covers announcing the arrival of this baby boy, as Charlize just traipsed through an airport with him on her hip.

The actress arrived at LAX this morning with her son before hopping on a plane. Her mere mortal move distinguishes her from an array of celebrity mothers who are negotiating lucrative deals to debut their brood well before labor (we’re looking at you, Jessica Simpson). And while making careers out of breeding has become a career-saving move for women of lackluster performing capabilities, Charlize clearly doesn’t have to prove anything.

Save the high-priced baby pictures and “I’m a mom now!’ press tours for those ladies who have mommy brands to shill — complete with parenting books, maternity lines, and goodness knows what else. This Academy Award winning actress is simply catching a flight with her kid.