Apparently Charlie Sheen Is A Better Parent To Lindsay Lohan Than Dina Or Michael

lohan sheenSo Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan became pals on the set of Scary Movie 5. In fact, they became so close that Sheen decided to help out the often-troubled starlet with her enormous, outstanding tax bill. Lohan reportedly owes over $230,000 to the Federal government. After confiding in Sheen about the debt, he sent her $100,000 to help out. Wow, that almost sounds like something a caring parent would do. Too bad Lindsay’s biological parents are too busy trying to cash in on their daughter to help her out.

Listen, I’m not saying that being a parent is all about giving your kid money, or bailing them out of trouble they get themselves into. Lindsay’s past the age where she can blame all of her problems on her parents. She can blame plenty of them on Dina and Michael Lohan, but not everything. Throwing money at a problem isn’t the right way to teach your child about responsibility.

That being said, Lindsay’s parents attempted to be her “managers” early in her career. They undoubtedly failed to teach her anything about managing her own finances. I assume that was to make it easier for them to get their hands on some of their daughter’s cash. Oh, and there’s that part where Dina and Michael have exploited their child at absolutely every opportunity since the girl was a child. If there’s anyone who should’ve been stepping up with Linds ran into money trouble, it’s these two.

Instead, Lindsay was chatting with a co-worker about her growing financial trouble. And that co-worker decided not to pay off the entire sum of back taxes, but to help with a sizable chunk. Lindsay wasn’t begging for money. The guy just sent a check to her business manager. He just helped out. Honestly, if I was struggling with money, this sounds like what my mother would do. She would just send a check, no strings attached, to help me out. Even if I didn’t ask for it. She wouldn’t make the problem go away, but she’d do enough to make things easier for me.

It’s not very often that I think about complimenting Charlie Sheen, but that sounds like a pretty kind gesture. It’s almost fatherly. Or at the very least, it’s a lot more than Lindsay will ever get from her blood-sucking parents.

(Photo: WENN)

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