Things Your Mom Can Do To ‘Earn Her Keep’ Besides Paying Rent

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I ran across an article today on how to charge your mom rent. I have to admit, my knee-jerk reaction was, Who charges their mom rent? I would never feel right about it, because my mom has always taken amazing care of myself and my family. But I totally understand that dynamics are different from family to family and there are some that would be totally fine with it. Although I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking actual dollars from my mom, there are some things I would gladly accept.

For instance, she could stop passive-aggressively questioning my parenting choices by communicating with me through my child:

Hi honey! Did your mom feed you lunch today? I know she’s so busy – I don’t think she’s been to the market this week! Are you hungry?

She could also stop taking credit for every developmental milestone my son achieves.

Oh, he’s saying the alphabet? We went over that last week!

Yes, I’m sure we (his parents) haven’t been over that with him at all in his three years on this earth that he has been in our constant care.

Oh – he says please! I taught him that yesterday!

Re-read my above statement.

She could stop correcting the most basic things I do that pretty much every adult who is awake can accomplish:

Are you boiling water? There’s too much in that pot.

She could stop constantly reminding me that I haven’t lost the baby weight yet.

Oh honey! How sweet you’re feeding your mother your pasta! Your such a good boy. But you eat your food! You eat your food! Your mommy’s on a diet.

No, I’m not – but thanks.

There seems to be a theme here; silence is golden. I guess I would be totally comfortable with my mom paying me rent in for the love of god and everything holy please shut up but I mean that in the kindest, most loving of ways.