15 Things Moms Would Change About Their Husbands, If They Could

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Sneezes like a hurricane


Image: Disney

A man who sneezes loudly is terrifying. Fully aware this sounds petty, but you’re not getting the full effect of what we’re talking about here. This guy is 6’5” and has a loud booming voice all the time, but when he sneezes, it sounds like a nuclear bomb is going off. It literally hurts people’s ears when he sneezes, and as sneezes come on rather quickly and powerfully, it scares the *hit out of people. It makes people mad because they get so startled. It’s the fight or flight reaction. Just imagine, you’re minding your own business doing whatever it is that you do at your house and your husband decides to throw a stick of dynamite at you for no good reason at all. That’s my husband sneezing. We wish there was a way we could get a warning so that we could brace ourselves but as you can’t control sneezes, we’ll take a little scary sneeze in exchange for a lifetime with the Big Guy.

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