15 Things Moms Would Change About Their Husbands, If They Could

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Pick up your stuff

dirty socks

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All women secretly wish their husbands were just a little bit OCD and definitely anal retentive so they couldn’t comfortably leave their stuff lying all over our homes. They have closets and a man cave. Why can’t it all go there?? Why must it be all over the house, like they’re marking his territory? We get it; our husbands live in the houses too. Why can’t clothes go in the hamper? Toilet paper on the toilet roll? Socks, shoes, and underwear in their designated place rather than the middle of our houses like we’re having a fire sale? I don’t think men purposely try to make women’s lives harder. I just think men and women are wired differently and why we are nurturers who are wired to take care of our people, men are wired to be providers. Providing socks and other assorted *hit to be strewn around our homes. Here are the things, we can both provide and we can both nurture. We can both do everything. I have complete faith in men that they can do all the same things women can and that includes putting a new roll of toilet paper on the roll.

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