15 Things Moms Would Change About Their Husbands, If They Could

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Pay attention, please

mom frustrated husband child there

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We wish our husbands would pay attention to what the kids are “actually” doing and not just what they are supposed to be doing. Sometimes it feels like we have one extra, supersized child with facial hair he trims over our toothbrush. Grow up! Often when the kids are arguing, or roughhousing or having a slap fight breaking all of the *hit in the house, including we moms’ sanity, two feet away from where our husbands are sitting willfully deaf watching the football game. Then, when we call it to their attention, suddenly everything is in living color and instead of talking to the kids in a way that actually helps the situation, said husband joins in the yelling because he’s annoyed that mandatory parenting has interrupted his otherwise scheduled football game. Can’t we all just get along?

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