Chanel Turning Kids Into Little Consumers With New Internet Game

Chanel coloring kids game

Talk about direct marketing to kids. Coloring books are so passe if there aren’t direct brands sponsoring the images right? Give your three-year-old an early appreciation for fashion brands with Chanel’s new “kid’s space” on their website which allows kiddies to color in images of purses and shoes — all with the Chanel logo of course.

The design empire created a new website in conjunction with its upcoming exhibit in Beijing, which details information about the exhibit and other fun facts along with an online coloring book and memory game. See how much branding you can get your kids in front of while they digitally flip over cards with glittering double C’s and color in flowers that happen to have a the Chanel logo right in the center.

Chanel may have gone out of their way to make a “kid’s space” on their new site, but it smells like nothing more than an opportunity to condition new customers and at an obscenely young age in which they aren’t aware that they’re being marketed to. I say that Chanel keep to its adult consumers and leave our kids out of their online ventures, no matter how kid-friendly they seem.

(photo: Styleite)

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