It Is Necessary To Challenge A Family Member Using Bigoted Language Around Your Kids

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This is great and reinforces that parents should not be afraid to call out this kind of thing with their child in earshot. I can totally see where this poster would feel better hearing their father stand up for what’s right.


I love everything about this. Sometimes, the best way to confront a bigot is by being this blatant.

As far as my own family situation, my parents are great. They don’t use language like that anyway but if they felt the need to, I know they would not do it in front of our kids. I do have some elderly relatives that use language that is not wholly appropriate but I guess it is simply a result of the era they grew up in- not that it makes it right. I do remember as a child my mother stopping a family member from using the term “colored” to refer to a black person and over time, that family member stopped saying it. None of us should be afraid to speak up and to that end, we could be raising the first generation to be raised predominately in an environment where this language doesn’t exist. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

(Image: Elina-Lava/Shutterstock)

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