16 Celebs Who Ditched Their Careers To Raise Their Families

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celebs who ditched hollywood

Image: Instagram / @demi.moore; @shaniatwain

To us “normals”, life as a Hollywood superstar seems pretty sweet! The glitz, the fame, THE MONEY. Most aspiring actors and actresses will never achieve the level of fame that mega-stars have, but plenty set out to try. There’s just something so glamorous about that lifestyle, at least from our perspective. Movie premieres and magazine covers and huge mansions in the hills – who wouldn’t be about that life?! But of course, even the most amazing lives aren’t always as they appear. Yes, Hollywood stars have more than most of us could ever imagine. But they also deal with some pretty heavy stuff. No privacy, constant scrutiny, lots of time spent away from their families. Raising a family in Hollywood is no easy feat, and these stars who quit Hollywood wanted to focus on their kids.

It’s hard to believe that someone would just walk away from a paycheck with that many zeroes on it. But when it comes to parenthood, we make tough decisions all the time. Some stars don’t want to spend months away from their kids and miss all the important stuff. Some don’t want to raise their families in the superficial trappings of Hollywood. And some would rather stay home with their kids than return to work (we can totally relate!). These are some stars who quit Hollywood, put their hot careers on hold, and moved away from the fast-paced life to raise their kids. We’re sure it wasn’t an easy decision. And it’s a big sacrifice! But that’s what parenthood is in a nutshell, right?

Some stars who quit Hollywood walked away right in the middle of their super-hot career, like Demi Moore.

demi moore

Image: Instagram / demi.moore

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were EVERYWHERE in the ’90s. Moore’s career was on fire, with hits like Ghost, GI Jane, Indecent Proposal, Striptease, and A Few Good Men. She shocked the world when she posed pregnant and nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. She really could do no wrong that decade, and kept pumping out hit after hit after hit! But after Moore and Willis welcome daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, they took a major step back. They left the bright lights of Hollywood behind and moved their family to a small, idyllic town in Idaho named Hailey. Making the move allowed them to spend more time with their girls, and raise them in a more … normal setting. Moore and Willis eventually returned to Hollywood when their girls were older, but that time in Idaho clearly helped their kids remain grounded and well-adjusted.

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