Someone Clued The NY Times In On Celebrity Women Profiting Off Their Baby Bumps

It nearly goes without saying that the only women who get a career boost from pregnancy are celebrities –usually D-list ones. Celebrity motherhood tends to be about pushing product, a TV series, and building a mommy brand. That’s why you’ll often find that celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, and Tori Spelling to name a few are scattered all over magazines with their photoshopped bellies practically running a “I’m so excited to a mom!” press tour. Where a career has slipped or perhaps become irrelevant for a woman, a lucrative baby bump can leverage them into writing their own parenting book or promoting a maternity line. Even the Victoria’s Secret models are taking a page out of Bethenny Frankel’s book and gabbing about breastfeeding, exploiting their bumps on the runway, and dropping the weight faster than you can say PINK! for that obligatory post-baby photoshoot.

Motherhood has been a profitable avenue for celebrity women for sometime, making The New York Times more than a little late to the party. In a piece appropriately titled simply “The Baby Bump,” Jacob Bernstein recounts the latest professional celebrity mothers including many of the aforementioned ladies along with Rachel Zoe. He puts it to you straight:

They have found, to be blunt, that motherhood pays. In the last few years, salaries for movie stars have plummeted, record sales have tanked and roles in scripted dramas are going the way of the I.B.M. computer. Yet for a growing number of underemployed actresses, singers and would-be entrepreneurs, parenthood has become a viable Plan B.

”Being a celebrity mom has more business opportunities than ever before,” said Peter Grossman, the photo editor of Us Weekly, where he has negotiated six-figure cover deals with many celebrities and their cuddly offspring. ”Now, it’s not just about selling your baby pics. It’s starting a clothing line or endorsing a stroller. The value of a celebrity mom has never been higher.”

Higher, indeed. And with Jessica Simpson having long since signed on to partner with Weight Watchers and Alessandra Ambrosio already accruing those postpartum modeling jobs, pregnancy isn’t only the beginning of motherhood — it’s the beginning of a long and bankable career choice.

(photo: The Hollywood Reporter)

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