Wealthy Moms Who Complain About How Hard Motherhood Is Should STFU

woman-rolling-eyesIs there anything worse than hearing celebrity moms and CEOs complain about how difficult motherhood is? Of course there is – but I’m a fan of hyperbole, so I’m going to go with that intro anyway.

Kate Winslet reminded us all how awesome she is this week by pointing out that celebrity moms have no business complaining about motherhood. She said, in an interview with Marie Claire:

”We’ve heard a lot from actresses recently about how difficult it is, but we should never be saying that it’s difficult because we are so bloody lucky. It’s just not an OK thing to share. It’s always a juggle, but isn’t it for every working mother?”

Yes, it is. And it’s refreshing for someone with money and resources to basically admit that money and resources makes it easier.

I’m not saying rich and/or famous mothers aren’t going to royally screw up their children just like the rest of us and don’t need to worry. All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if the rest of us who don’t have those resources want to punch you in the face when you start complaining about how difficult it all is. There is a hierarchy to this. Someone who has it way worse than me is totally entitled to tell me to STFU, too.



Pulling a Gwyneth, and saying something like, “I think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as, of course there are challenges, but it’s not like being on set,” just makes you appear really tone deaf to the general public who would kill to be paid millions for one job and be able to afford all of the luxuries one could ever imagine. Right now my family is having major allergy issues because of stupid Florida weather, a leaky roof, and no financial resources to move. I seriously doubt this is something Gwyneth will ever have to worry about. Or the fact that my kid’s insurance just lapsed because low-cost state insurance for kids is a bureaucratic nightmare that’s impossible to stay on top of. But at least I don’t have to leave my kids for weeks on end to be paid ridiculous amounts of money to speak on camera. Because that would be so hard.

It’s inevitable that we are going to get frustrated when celebrity moms talk about their lives, or how hard they have it. Of course everyone has struggles; having money doesn’t make those things disappear. Just don’t take it personally if the rest of us don’t want to hear about them. We can’t relate. I’d love it if celebrity moms would just start responding to questions about motherhood with this:

I have money. I have nannies. I have all the help I need. What else do you want to know?

(photo: Catalin Petolea/ Shutterstock)

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