5 Super Annoying Celebrity Mommyshame Facebook Comments

Las Vegas Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Homefront"Celebrities, they’re just like us! You know, except for the whole millions of followers picking apart every single decision they make. No one gets mommyshamed like celebrity mothers. Pretty much every social media posts attracts a slew of shamey comments. Whether it’s asking where their kids are and why they aren’t attached to them 100 percent of the time, or just straight out calling them terrible mothers, it’s as common as cat memes on the Internet.

I know there are plenty of people who think that just because a celebrity puts themselves out there, that they deserve the overwhelming scrutiny. But why does it only seem to happen to famous mothers, and not fathers? When was the last time someone wrote “shouldn’t you be home with your baby?” on a movie premiere photo on Facebook? Why are famous men allowed to be ambitious and have lives, but not their female counterparts? In honor of this age old question, I’ve gathered a list of 10 of the most ubiquitous and annoying mommyshame comments  found on celebrity Facebook pages.

5. Kim Kardashian 

celebrity mommyshameNo celebrity mommyshame post would be complete without Kimmy Kakes. This comments if referring to that admittedly hideous purse Kanye West gave to Kim for Christmas. I get that the purse is butt-ugly (that’s actually an insult to butts) but since when did carrying an ugly purse make you a bad mother? IF that’s the case, then half the women in Hollywood should be sterilized.

4. Kris Jenner

celebrity mommyshame


Kris Jenner is basically the great grandma of celerity mommyshame. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing any of the questionable things Kris has supposedly done as a “momager,” but what do we really know about her beyond what you see on television. And we all know how real “reality” TV is.

3. Snooki

celebrity mommyshame


This is one of at least a hundred similar comments under a photo Snooki posted of her son Lorenzo. Because snarky judgement is the natural reaction one has been faced with an adorable toddler.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

celebrity mommyshame


This one is less mommyshame and more creepy, mansplainy ridiculousness. Cory Kourtney to know that he’s rooting for her, dammit. She’s a great mom, but she needs REAL talk from a REAL man, and Cory is just the guy for the job. (Also, I promise this will be the last one from the Kardashian/Jenner clan).

1. Holly Madison

celebrity mommyshame


In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know, celebrities LOVE giving their kids strange and unusual names. And Holly didn’t disappoint. Her new daughter’s name is Rainbow. And Kimberly up there is not going to take it sitting down. Unique names are the devil’s playground, or whatever. I’m with CatCat Shepbang (which, by the way, is an epic name), ain’t nothing wrong with a unique name, especially if your mom is rich and famous.


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