10 Absurd ‘Post Baby Body’ Headlines Replaced With Celebrity Dads

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1channing__1374755868_74.134.205.46If y’all haven’t noticed, I’m pretty sick of the way the media and tabloid magazines treat women after having a baby. Being pregnant is exhausting and having a baby is a huge amount of work! And at the end of it, no one ever takes the man who impregnated the woman to task for looking less than magazine-cover ready or for gaining some sympathy weight or for leaving the house looking like he may be suffering from a distinct lack of sleep.

But what if we did? What if we lived in a world where magazine headlines read things about dads like we are used to seeing about female celebrity moms? I think it’s time someone throws some of this post baby body BS towards the men who have become new fathers. I  have happily stolen real headlines about celebrity moms and replaced the mom’s names with that of celebrity dads. I don’t agree with criticizing anyone for their appearance regardless of sex, but the thought of living in a world where we put men under the same sort of intense scrutiny as we put women is all too appealing at times. Especially when we see these types of headlines every day.

Kanye West Looks Tired And Frumpy While Making A Shopping Run 


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Kanye West looks exhausted while out shopping for furniture in Beverly Hills. Clad in a frumpy, oversized sweatshirt, the new daddy is obviously trying to hide his post-baby weight.

Prince William And Newborn George Alexander Louis Obviously Share The Same Hairdresser

Prince William and baby

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New father Prince William cradles his little bundle of joy, but we cannot help but notice the Prince looks as if new fatherhood is taking its toll on his hairline.

 New Member Of The Clean Plate Club, Daddy Jay Z Finishes Blue Ivy’s Mac-N-Cheese

Yahoo! Wireless Festival

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Proud papa Jay Z must be helping Blue Ivy finish her lunches, because the new daddy looked a bit fuller in the face while performing at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.

Who Wore It Better? Brand New Dad Jimmy Fallon Or Mom-Of-Two Michelle Obama? 

Michelle Obama boosts anti-obesity campaign with Jimmy Fallon dance-off

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New dad Jimmy Fallon performed with Michelle Obama on his television show Late Night, and even though both parents looked adorable in their complimentary cardigans, we think new dad Jimmy looks a bit exhausted due to becoming a father on Tuesday.

 Javier Bardem Shows Off Post-Baby Face Scruff 


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Javier Bardem and his gorgeous wife Penelope Cruz welcomed a new baby daughter this week, but Javier is obviously too tired to shave his scruffy looking beard.

Josh Duhamel is Working Hard To Lose That Pregnancy Weight Before His New Son Arrives 


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Daddy-to-be Josh Duhamel was spotted in Brentwood working out with his celebrity trainer, and that’s good considering Josh has been seen noshing at celebrity hot spots before the birth of his new son.

Stephen Moyer’s Dowdy Dad Spa Visit 


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True Blood‘s Vampire Bill Stephen Moyer, daddy to infant twins, was seen headed to a spa for some much needed R ‘n R in West Hollywood. Let’s hope the spa services include spray tanning.

How Long Until Channing Tatum Loses The Baby Weight?


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Known for his killer body in movies like Magic Mike, actor Channing Tatum needs to work on losing the baby weight after his wife gave birth to a daughter two months ago. He is obviously at least three pounds heavier than is acceptable for his six foot one frame.

 Chris Hemsworth Shows Off Post Baby Body Taking Daughter India For A Stroll 


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Looking fit and trim, daddy Chris Hemsworth shows that having a baby doesn’t have to mean packing on the pounds. Sources close to his doctor say that Chris only gained a mere four pounds while waiting for his beautiful daughter India to be born.

Barack Obama’s Hair Grey Hair Is The Presidential Father-Of-Two’s Midlife Crisis


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Even though his wife rocked some sexy mom bangs, President Obama continues to appear older and older with each month he spends in office. Could running the country and being the proud daddy of two young girls be the reason the president looks old and tired?

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