23 Celebrities Who Tied The Knot While They Were Pregnant

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Drew Barrymore

drew berrymore

Image: a katz / Shutterstock.com

Drew Barrymore and her now ex-husband Will Kopelman were friends for quite some time before they started dating in 2011. Before the two married there had been numerous pregnancy rumors that were h swirling around, and the couple held on commenting publically until after they married. It was clear as day in their wedding snapshots that Barrymore had a baby in her bully. She showed off her bun in the oven in a stunning Channel gown on her big day. The couple’s daughter Olive was born about seven months after the ceremony.

Barrymore did such an excellent job at hiding the fact she was pregnant. A new outlet had reported that the mom-to-be had been snapped leaving a wedding dress fitting, and after looking at the photos, there was no way really to tell if she was pregnant or not.

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