17 Celebrities Who Have Questionable Ideas On Vaccinations

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Kat Von D

Kat Von D, Anti-Vaccine

Image: Facebook / Kat Von D

Katherine von Drachenberg, or better known as Kat Von D, stirred up a lot of anti-vaccination controversy in 2018, after announcing her pregnancy. In an Instagram post that has since been removed, the famous tattoo artist and makeup mogul said that she and her husband would be raising their child vegan and “vaccination free.” She has stated “We’re bringing our children into this world, and we’re trying to do the absolute best we can with the information we have and the information we’re given.” Von D and her husband have not been absolutely clear as to why they are against vaccinating their child. However, many other celebrities cite scientist Andrew Wakefield’s study that supposedly links the MMR vaccine to a diagnosis of autism. His theory has since been discredited many times over. On November 29, 2018, Von D and her husband, Rafael Reyes of the band Prayers, welcomed a son, Leafar Von Drachenberg Reyes.

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