17 Celebrities Who Have Questionable Ideas On Vaccinations

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Tisha Campbell-Martin

Tisha Campbell-Martin, Anti-Vaccine

Image: Facebook / Tisha Campbell-Martin

The award-winning television actress does believe that there is a correlation between vaccines and autism. In a 2013 interview with Essence magazine, the actress opened up about her autistic son, Xen. She said, “Right after [Xen] got the Hepatitis B shot; I noticed a difference the second day of life. There was just something different and I kept telling everyone who walked in the room, ‘Something is up with this baby’ and they kept saying no you’re a new mom. The same exact thing happened with my nephew. He started having seizures and autistic-like symptoms. I asked if he’d gotten the Hepatitis B shot and they said yes. I couldn’t say anything. So when you asked me do I think vaccinations can attribute to autism, I think it might have something to do with it because of what I’ve seen from my particular family.”

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