8 Ways To Properly Acknowledge Your Kid’s December Birthday

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5. Consider doing something for them in June too.

birthday surprise

I never did this but I knew of December kids who had a little party or got a small gift for their half-birthday. I think if your child has a birthday actually ON Christmas, this might be nice to consider.

6. Avoid Christmas-related gifts.


I do love my extensive holiday ornament collection but for a little kid, it kind of sucks to get something like that as a birthday gift. It might be tempting when so many stores have that sort of thing so readily available but think of it this way- would you do it if their birthday were in June?

7. Don’t let the family forget.

don't forget

My family was awesome about my birthday growing up and no aunts or grandparents ever blew it off but I can see how it would be easy to do amid the bustle of the season.

8. Buy real birthday decorations.


Although I will admit I enjoy the festive atmosphere that this time of year brings to my birthday, I also loved the fact that my mom didn’t just throw up the tree and the lights and call it good. She still got me a special “Happy Birthday” sign and balloons that were not red and green. And I love her for it.

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