Only Boring Married Couples Stop Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

shutterstock_75196987Please kill me if I ever get so complacent that I can’t muster up the energy to celebrate my own wedding anniversary. Yes, this lack of celebration really happens in real life””probably to real people you know.

Maybe I fall far on the other side of the fence because I’ve always been one for celebrating. I absolutely love birthdays and dressing up for random holidays because all of this shit only comes once a year, people! If you can’t dress like a slutty leprechaun every 365 days, then life isn’t worth living, I always say.

Wedding anniversaries are no different””if not a better reason to celebrate. Hopefully, you are still happy you got married however many years ago. Hopefully, you still enjoy looking into the dopey face of your spouse at least once a year on a special date night to celebrate the day you were wed.

But not all couples feel this way, according to the widely accurate source of Internet forums:


I guess it’s cool and all since other couples’ choices have absolutely nothing to do with the way that I celebrate my own wedding anniversary. But many of these partners seem unhappy and wistful about the fact that their significant other doesn’t make even a minor deal about their anniversary; others simply don’t give a shit (but how does their partner really feel?).

I will continue to support the celebration of wedding anniversaries until the day I die. Just because you acknowledge a special event like this doesn’t mean you have to do anything ridiculously over-the-top, like, say, renting a helicopter as one of my friends did. It’s pretty obvious when someone puts thought into an occasion. If money is tight and time is tighter, a handwritten card with a few thoughtful lines would make me feel loved and appreciated.

Life is often boring after kids, so why feed into the humdrum of it all? One of the best ways to spice up a relationship is by making the small things special and the boring things interesting. I’ll take any chance I can get to go out in public with my husband, and a wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse.

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