10 Examples Of The Latest Celeb Kids Photo Trend — Pumpkin Patch Fun!

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christina aguileraIn my little Indiana town, when it’s time for your kids to pick out a pumpkin, you head to Hilger’s Farmers Market. The place sells produce all summer long, then transforms into a fall festival once September hits. There’s corn mazes, haystack pyramids, pony rides, and of course a lot of pumpkins. Apparently, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch is the Hilger’s of West Hollywood. (I’m sure they’d be proud of that title.) That must be why every celebrity parent within a 20 mile radius of LA seems to be showing up there for a photo op and a gourd.

Honestly, I see a whole lot of celebrity family photo ops. Taking a stroll in New York eating ice cream, playing in a California park, vacationing on the beach… There are a whole lot of celeb kids photo tropes. And yet, this whole pumpkin patch business just seems out of hand lately.

I’m sure some of these celebrities really just wanted a pumpkin to decorate and got caught by the WENN camera that must be stationed at Mr. Bones all October long. Other celebs came with their own tabloid camera crews to catch the family moment, or seemed to be counting on the paparazzi attention. Either way, take a look at all the celebrities who showed up at Mr. Bones in the past couple weekends. Then be thankful your local pumpkin patch hasn’t been over-run by photographers and movie stars.

(Photos: WENN)