Cavities In Toddlers: Majority Of Mommyish Readers Don’t Brush Their Kids’ Teeth Twice A Day

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cavities in toddlers

When The New York Times reported on the rising epidemic of cavities in toddlers due to “lax parenting,” the problem did indeed seem widespread. But after polling our own readership, it seems that getting your kids to brush their teeth twice a day may, in fact, be a parenting priority of the past. No wonder preschoolers are having root canals and being put under anesthesia.

Almost half of our mommies shared that they manage to get the kiddies to brush those gums at least once a day. A slightly smaller group of readers, around 24%, waver between brushing every other day and whenever they remember. But strict dental hygiene routines of flossing, brushing twice a day, and even using mouth wash seem to no longer be the norm as evidenced by that measly 33.3%.

One reader by the name of Ellie shared with us what both she and sister did to instill good brushing habits in their kids.  She commented:

She started when they were infants. At least once a day she would gently wipe their gums with a soft cloth, to get them used to it. When the baby teeth started appearing, she got brightly colored toddler toothbrushes and made it a game every day to have fun brushing their teeth with water. When they got to about 2 she started using the toddler toothpaste.

Making sure to start early and making it very regular has worked for us.

Clearly contemporary parents are lacking vigilance in this area, but is that due to not getting those baby teeth adjusted to the practice? Or just sheer parental exhaustion?

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