Shut Down Pinterest, This Mom’s Amazing Wheelchair Costumes Just Won Halloween

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“I think people assume that our lives are hard all the time,” she said. “I think people assume that our lives are somehow abnormal compared to everyone else. I think people assume that our lives revolve around Caleb and Spina Bifida, that SB consumes our lives. It doesn’t. Spina Bifida is part of our life, but it isn’t our life.”

McLelland says the costumes are actually pretty easy to do, though they do not look it.

“I know they look elaborate but honestly my only tools are a hot glue gun and some cardboard. Anyone can do it and many do. I see more and more wheelchair costumes every single year. It’s wonderful,” McLelland said.

There are tons more adorable costumes on Caleb and other children over on Wheelchair Costumes.

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