It’s Going To Take More Than $10,000 To Make Casey Anthony Go Away

casey-anthony-6-300-225x300The man who offered Casey Anthony $10,000 to shut her face forever has the right idea. He just doesn’t have deep enough pockets.

According to newly filed court documents a man named James M Schober has offered Anthony the five-digit sum for the exclusive rights to her life story, forever.

But instead of one day profiting from its ownership his filing states his hopes to ‘prevent Ms Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future

After reading about┬áMr. Schober’s attempt to buy the “exclusive rights” to Casey Anthony’s story – I thought he was some dirt bag trying to profit off of the inevitable tell-alls, memoirs, and Lifetime movies that are surely on the horizon. It turns out that he just doesn’t want to see anyone profiting off of the tragic story.

I think the guy’s heart is in the right place, I’m just wondering if he knows what year it is. Has this man been frozen in ice for a few decades? Ten thousand dollars will get you absolutely nowhere in today’s economy. On what planet would someone like Anthony – who has amassed $800,000 in debt – agree to that deal? Jezebel reports that the trustee in Anthony’s bankruptcy case is examining the offer as an option to put a dent in the massive debt. I wouldn’t really call that a dent, though. More like a ding.

I know, I know – why am I writing about Casey Anthony again? She was proven innocent. Sorry, but everyone knows that woman is a murderer – just like we all know O.J. is one, too. I hate to rain on the parade of those of you who believe our justice system always works, but people will be talking about Casey Anthony, the murderer, until she dies of old age. Which, you know she will because vile people like this woman live forever.

(photo: People)

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