Casey Anthony Might Be Living In A Mansion In Southern California

A couple of sources are speculating that the mother of Caylee Anthony, who would have turned six years old today, may be living in the $5.2 million estate of her lawyer Todd Macaluso. The mansion is located in southern California, Rancho Santa Fe to be specific. The home is reported to be one of those Spanish tile numbers with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Neighbors have said that Casey is living on the premises with two bodyguards.

Those may sound like nice surroundings, but the 25-year-old certainly can’t go anywhere else these days. A young woman who resembles Casey Anthony was recently physically assaulted in Orlando. She has been mistaken for Casey several times, called a “baby killer” by passersby, and received threats.

Casey was photographed in Columbus, Ohio after being acquitted of her daughter’s murder. According to CBS, Casey does have family in the area but is unknown whether she has had any contact with them.

A mansion is probably not where many mothers and even the childless would like to see Casey Anthony living, but considering how even women who vaguely resemble her are being treated, Casey can hope for very little freedom even once the fury from the trial blows over. Considering her lavish surroundings and very limited liberty, the phrase “silk-lined prison” comes to mind.



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