Has It Really Been A Year? Casey Anthony Is Free From Probation

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Casey AnthonyWhile she was acquitted of murder charges in the death of her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony was found guilty of check fraud and she was sentenced to a year’s probation for the crime. The sentence meant that she had to live in the state of Florida for the year, though she’s been in an undisclosed location ever since her now-infamous trial ended.

Now the state of Florida is confirming that Anthony’s probation time has been served and she free to leave the state at any time. Casey Anthony is officially a free woman.

To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that she was serving time on probation. More than anything, this news just makes me realize that it’s been a full year since Anthony’s trial overtook the media and captivated (not in a good way) the entire country. The tragic tales of possible abuse and neglect were traumatizing. The feeling of disappointment with the verdict was almost universal. More than anything, it was simply sad that a beautiful little girl lost her life and no criminal was ever brought to justice.

The murder of Caylee Anthony pulled at heartstrings across the country. The bizarre tales of a partying mother who didn’t seem to miss her child were infuriating. It is not surprising that Casey has kept a low profile since her time in the media spotlight.

There was a video circulating the web in January that seemed to be Anthony discussing her new pet dog, but she claimed its release was the result of computer hacking.

It’s been a year, and Casey Anthony is officially free of the justice system. She can hide away in any town she would like, attempting to escape the harsh and disapproving eye of the public. More than anything, it’s just amazing that we’ve spent an entire year since that verdict received a collective cry of outrage and frustration in the name of that adorable little girl who passed away too young.

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