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Cartrail Robertson Shot By His Friend And No Parents Care About These Kids

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No parents give a damn about the friends of Cartrail Robertson, who was shot dead by his friend Darrin Wilson late Monday night. Cartail was just 13-years-old and Darrin, who is now at a juvenile detention facility and has been charged with reckless homicide, is just 15-years-old. The two barely-teens lived in Memphis and looking at their Facebook pages it’s totally shocking that not one adult has thought to put them on lockdown after this incident. These kids are babies. From the Facebook of the now deceased Cartail:







From some of their friends, we see things like this:





It’s beyond heartbreaking that Cartail is dead. He will never play outside, or go to college, or grow up to show the world what he is capable of. But what is just as heartbreaking is that you can go through any gallery of his Facebook friends and see just as many disturbing images, guns, wads of cash, booze, kids getting high and waving their guns around.

I know raising teenagers is hard. I have a teen of my own and sometimes he can be a total pain. But considering some relatives have commented on the amazingly upsetting images you would think that someone would intervene and stop these kids from doing whatever stupidly dangerous and illegal things they are doing. These aren’t 18-year-old and older, these are kids barely into puberty. It’s such a total shame.

I know it’s easy for me to sit here and judge these parents, and I am totally doing that, but considering one of these beautiful young boys is dead it’s time someone has to. I’m so tired of stories like these. Cartrail shouldn’t be dead. He should be just starting his life. I have no idea what the answers are, but I know if you see your young teen relative or kid posting photos brandishing guns and getting high then you may want to sit down and have a big old talk with them. And by “talk” I mean take away all their weapons, get them some damn help, and lock them in their bedroom until they are an adult. I’m really hoping someone does something. The police are reported to be investigating the images. It just shocks me that there isn’t anyone related to these kids, a parent or uncle or aunt or cousin or friend of the family who didn’t step in when they saw these photos online. You can’t tell me that not a single adult knew what was going on.

My heart is broken that this young man is dead, and it’s continuing to break over the fact that it won’t just be him, it will be one of his friends, unless someone does something.

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