Carrie Underwood Does Yoga With Her Toddler, and It’s Freaking Adorable

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(Instagram / CarrieUnderwood)

I love photos of people working out and being mimicked by their small children. There’s nothing cuter than watching someone do squats or dog pose next to a tiny human being doing the exact same thing. That’s why I’m so obsessed with Carrie Underwood’s workout video with her 2-year-old son, Isaiah.

Isaiah happily followed Underwood through a series of downward dog, cobra pose, and child’s pose, and his form is pretty good, too! (Toddlers are so stretchy.) It’s adorable, and it’s even better because he’s wearing his fire truck pajamas while he does it.

I definitely saw lots of this in my future when I was pregnant. I was sure that I’d lose all the baby weight by doing yoga with my baby. (I don’t know why I thought having a baby would make me know yoga, because I never did yoga before getting pregnant, yet I remained convinced that it would happen afterwards.) It never really worked for me, though. Mine just wants to roll around on my yoga mat, and if I try to do a plank or even some crunches, she comes running over shouting, “No mommy do that!” I can only assume we won’t be doing synchronized swimming anytime soon.

Even though Underwood is a big celebrity, she’s said she has trouble getting workouts done since becoming a parent. Mostly she just tries to get in exercise when windows of time become available, and it sounds like it’s a bit easier because she’s wearing leggings all day like the rest of us.

“I do whatever I can and make time for it. Isaiah goes down for a nap, I’ve been in my workout clothes all day long, I’m there, I’m ready, I make it happen,” she said in an interview with ET. “If it’s 15 minutes, that’s good. If it’s an hour, that’s great. It just happens when and how it happens.”

That’s as good a reason for wearing leggings all day as any. Maybe we’ll work out. Maybe we won’t. But if the time comes, we’ll be ready!