Whiny Cruise Passengers Sue Carnival Cruises, Prove The Customer Is Usually Wrong

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shutterstock_101180308Carnival cruise passengers of the infamous “poop cruise” of 2013 are now suing the cruise line for damages.

While I have been indoctrinated for years in the service industry to believe that the customer is always right, in this case, I side with the corporate giant. Carnival cruise passengers are being whiny and ridiculous.

Want proof? Sure, going on a poop cruise is never any fun, where an unexpected engine fire left the ship at sea for days without help. Sources describe the cruise gone wrong as:

It was the trip of a lifetime. That is, until they awoke to a fire alarm, smoke in their hallway and then days and days of misery. Human waste was actually piling up in bags just outside their door.

That sounds like a nightmare, but I’m not so quick to write the cruise line off altogether. First of all, I have cruised with my husband on this very ship out of Galveston, Texas, and we had the time of our lives. I might be singing a different tune if my cruise was dubbed the “poop cruise,” but I see this as one very terrible mistake in Carnival’s glorious history.

Whiny poop cruise passengers are milking it for all it is worth—as you would expect from today’s litigious society. If you can believe this, cruise passengers are suing Carnival Cruise Lines for $5000 a month for the rest of their lives to cover medical bills and mental anguish.

Um, what? What kind of medical bills could these customers possibly have from being exposed to human waste for a few days at sea? Customers were initially compensated with a full refund, a free future cruise, and an extra $500 per person.

But that’s not good enough for plaintiffs like Debra Oubre, 59, who would like to bleed Carnival for the rest of her life due to panic and anxiety attacks experienced on board, as well as a UTI. She describes the experience as:

“It was chaotic. People were in dire need of help,” said Oubre. “We were standing in line for food for five hours.”

Okay, yes, that sucks. I’ll give you that, Debbie. But I’m not going to stop defending Carnival in this case, partially related to the excellent experience that I had on their cruise line in Texas and also California.

The poop cruise sounds terrible (though the name is hilarious), and I’m glad I wasn’t on it. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. Carnival is an awesome and affordable cruise line, and I plan to take my kids on a family cruise out of Texas in the future—if these whiny douche bags don’t tank the company with their lawsuit.

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