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Sexist Carmel Newspaper Calls Women ‘Sluts’ Including Some High School ‘Sluts’

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The women in the photograph that was taken was from a totally different Christmas charity event, and not all of the woman photographed would be at the tequila event. The newspaper printed the word “SLUTS” in bold, capital letters just above the photo to direct readers to continue reading on a following page. The story had “SLUTS” at the top of the jump page. The lawsuit has been filed in part because of bullying fears due to the fact that some of these “sluts” are still in high school.

It’s just so lame. How can us parents who are trying to teach our kids about feminism and treating people with respect and that all people should be treated equal fight the good fight when newspapers can refer to women as sluts? The event was at a bar, for adults, and it didn’t even need to be reported in the newspaper with this slutty headline. If the Pinecone wants to hire me to come and explain feminism to them like I did to my school-aged children this weekend, I will be happy to. Maybe then they can understand why we don’t call women “sluts.”

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