Carla Bruni’s Baby Will Not Be Used As A Campaign Prop

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First Lady of France Carla Bruni is due this autumn and even though President Nicholas Sarkozy is starting his reelection campaign in November, the French public will not be seeing the couple’s baby on the cover of any glossy magazines.

Reuters reports that Sarkozy’s usually low popularity rating has seen a recent uptick from all the summer snaps of him lounging around with pregnant Carla. Nevertheless, Carla said recently in an interview that she will not be exposing her child to any sort of press:

“You don’t have a child for the gallery,” Bruni told TF1 television in an interview.

“I understand the media interest (but) for children it’s not possible. I will do everything to protect this infant and I’ll be absolutely rigorous. I will never show photos of this child, I will never expose this child,” she said.

Clearly, the soon-to-be mother of two is drawing a line in the sand regarding the exploitation of celebrity children. Although a prominent public figure herself, particularly known for never being camera shy, Carla differentiates herself from the scores of other women in the public eye who are more than willing to shove their kids  into the limelight. Whether for financial profit or just a simple PR move, we never seem to be short of mothers willing to drag their babies and their pregnant bellies before the press.

Carla’s comments suggest that she will definitely not be one of them.