Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Is ‘A Pregnancy Dowd,’ And I Love Her For It

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Pregnancy is definitely in vogue these days. It made the MTV Video Music Awards. It covers a completely guesstimated 40% of tabloid magazines. Everywhere, celebrities are dressing up those baby bumps and exposing them to the world. No one is cowering behind an additional 30 lbs of baby weight, we’re embracing it.

So it’s funny that The Telegraph is saluting Carla Bruni-Sarkozy for looking a little bit miserable. The intensely stylish French First Lady stepped out looking less polished than normal during her final trimester, and now she might just become the poster-child for realistic maternity. Even for those of us who had a relatively easy pregnancy, the last couple months are simply not that enjoyable. They’re uncomfortable, awkward and a bit exhausting. So it’s nice to see someone who isn’t in a designer evening gown and five inch stilettos during those last couple months. Enter Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and this random paparazzi shot.

Don’t get me wrong, this woman is still gorgeous. Even as “a pregnancy dowd,” she looks amazing. I’ve always found women who can mix comfort and glamour to be especially awe-inspiring. But there is something relatable in this picture. I feel like every pregnant woman has been there.

A while back, Jane Krakowski said that “baby bump is the new black.” While it’s fun that women no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed by their growing bellies, this type of proclamation still makes it sound like our pregnancies need to be stylish. With all of the maternity options out there, women are encouraged to buy a new, trendy wardrobe the minute after they hear the heartbeat. Maybe I enjoyed wearing yoga pants and sweatshirts for a couple months? Why is that not allowed anymore?

Alright, I’m only half-joking. But I have to agree with The Telegraph, even if Sarkozy doesn’t look like a slob, it’s nice to see a pregnant woman who looks a little more down-to-earth. Pregnancy may be popular, but it’s not all fun and games and belly art. Sometimes, it demands tunics and leggings. Admitting that won’t tarnish your maternal glow at all.