Woman Who Has Hundreds Of Orgasms A Day Is Living An Actual Nightmare

I think we can all agree that orgasms are great. Multiple ones? Sure, sounds like a blast. But poor Cara Anaya, who suffers from persistent genital arousal disorder, is living in some sort of hellish orgasm Groundhog Day where she has hundreds of uncontrollable, unstimulated orgasms a day. Hundreds. Ouch.

It’s the kind of thing that sounds great in theory, or as a storyline in a really steamy smut book, but then you watch her in this four-minute video from Bancroft Media, and you realize her life is basically¬†American Horror Story without the terrifying clowns.


“I’m tired,” she says. “I’m exhausted, but I know that in the next couple of hours, minutes, another one’s gonna hit.”

Anaya once counted her orgasms in a two hour period, and got to 180. “With those kids of numbers you’re having 2-3 in a minute,” she says. Are we all collectively SMDH with sympathy for this poor woman yet?

What’s even worse is that it affects how she interacts with other people, especially her 10-year-old son and his friends at school. “It’s one of those things where you feel wrong. It almost feels like I’m molesting these kids because I’m around them and I’m having an orgasm. Parents don’t notice, teachers don’t notice, the principal doesn’t notice, but because I know I I feel like a pervert.”

Not only is Cara’s story heartbreaking, but it’s also terrifying because it just happened to her out of the blue. Like, “Tra la la, here I am at Panera eating soup in a bread bowl and woahhhh, am I having a billion orgasms all of a sudden?!” There’s been little research about PGAS, and there’s no real understanding of what causes it. Even the website about it is created by a sufferer, with no real support from doctors or the medical community. There’s also no cure for it, so sufferers have to learn coping skills that I can’t even wrap my head around. And while this syndrome has nothing to do with sex, there’s so much cultural shame and sensationalism associated with sex – in particular the female orgasm – that the world feels unready to take this kind of thing seriously.

(Photo: Bancroft Media)



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