Car Seat Sancti-Parent Kindly Consults Reddit On Whether To Call Out FB Friends, And Reddit Concurs

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baby car seatOne many wonder how someone goes from sitting concerned behind a computer screen to tsk-tsking Kate Middleton and Prince William on their alleged lackluster car seat skills. How does this legitimate concern about another child’s well-being tailspin into turning Princess Diana‘s car accident into a wagging finger? Or manifest into Facebook comments that clearly weren’t all that thought out? A recent Reddit thread provides a small window into such an elusive process as one poster asks if he/she should inform Facebook friends about their seemingly lack of attention to car seat safety based on posted photos. And what do you know, Reddit responds with a resounding YES.

A poster started the following thread with this polite inquiry:


A  sancti-parent with reservations or timidity is just about as rare as unicorn. And utterly adorable! But the thread continues with fellow Redditers advising “Whydoifeelsick” to absolutely speak up, and not necessarily by way of a private Facebook message:


Others confess that having someone — even a stranger — approach them about their child’s safety means more than pride and speak of positive experiences:

redditcarseatcomment2And just like that, a sancti-parent is born.

(photo: Chris and Kris)