25 Birth Photos That Are Unbelievably Candid And Beautiful

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The shock and awe on a new baby’s face will never get old.

It’s quite the journey for everyone involved! In this picture you can see the babe all covered in vernix again. That protective coating that’s on the baby’s skin while they’re in amniotic fluid. Some babies are born with a lot of it, others you can only see a trace left. According to Healthline, the amount you see on babe can be related to how early or late they were born. “The amount of vernix caseosa on your baby’s skin decreases the closer you get to your due date. It’s normal for full-term babies to have the substance on their skin,” the site says. Adding, “But if you deliver past your due date, your baby may have less of the coating. Premature babies tend to have more vernix caseosa than full-term babies.”

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