25 Birth Photos That Are Unbelievably Candid And Beautiful

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Breathing it all in.

Skin-to-skin can happen in any and every delivery situation! Yes, even when you have a c-section, skin-to-skin is very healthy for mama and baby. According to FitPregnancy, benefits of skin-to-skin after birth include helping baby to adapt to the new environment, boosts baby’s mental awareness, and makes breastfeeding easier. “Newborns instinctively have a heightened sense of smell, so placing your baby skin-to-skin helps her seek out the nipple and begin breastfeeding,” Katie Dunning, R.N., clinical coordinator of labor and delivery at Mount Sinai Hospital told FitPregnancy. Studies have shown that on-going skin-to-skin leads to a stronger breastfeeding relationship, “on average, these moms breastfed three months longer than those who didn’t practice skin-to-skin care, says one study published in Neonatal Network.”

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