People Nostalgic For ‘Walking 10 Miles Uphill In The Snow’ Think Snow Days Are For Wusses

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shivering child in parka and glovesOne thing I don’t remember from my childhood is school ever being canceled because of ‘cold days’. I remember snow days, of course; and ice days, too, when the buses couldn’t make it up the hills in some parts of the school district. But I don’t think school was ever canceled just because of the temperature. What I absolutely do not think, however, is that the invention of cold days is the sign of our impending doom as a civilization – which apparently puts me at odds with a large, vocal, and douche-y segment of society.

Here are a few choice ‘kids these days!!’ comments pulled from literally the first cold-day school closing article I found with a quick Google search:

school closing cold day comment school closing cold day comment 2 school closing cold day comment 3

Yes, these fine individuals suffered through walking through nine feet of snow in -80°F temperatures, uphill both ways, naturally, and they’re fine! Which mostly suggests to me not so much that they were tough, hardy stock who bravely struggled through a long, hard winter slog to school – but that they were lucky enough to have appropriate winter footwear, warm weather gear, and a healthy dose of privilege to go along with it.

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