There’s Nothing Wrong With Bringing A Quiet, Sleeping Infant To The Movies

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movie-theater-inside-amc-pacificI wish someone would have told me after I had my first child that it’s fine to bring an infant to the movies. There are certain scenarios where the actions of a few ruin it for everyone. This is one of them.

How many times have you seen a family roll into a blockbuster action movie with a giant stroller? That is the worst. Anyone clueless enough to roll a stroller into a movie theater is definitely not going to care if their baby starts to cry. That is my own very scientific observation. Also – anyone who would bring an infant to a loud movie theater is weird. Maybe I’m just paranoid – but if those speakers hurt my ears I can only imagine what they are doing to an infant’s.

But there are certain situations where there is absolutely nothing wrong with strolling into a theater with a baby. If you baby is a good sleeper and likes being held in a carrier – you can slip in unnoticed. Any parent who has the tiniest bit of consideration for others knows if their baby starts to make a peep – they need to exit the theater immediately.

Seeing a movie that isn’t some huge, violent, loud, action-packed blockbuster is totally fine. Smaller theaters tend to be quieter and if you have an agreeable baby you can totally pull this trip off. The main thing you need to remember is to be considerate of others. If you know you have a baby that would love sitting in your lap for a couple hours and can do so quietly – no big deal.

Once your baby gets a little older you are going to be on a movie fast for a while – unless you can afford a babysitter or have some family you can leave him with. If you have the urge to go see a movie when your child is an infant – do it. Find a theater that has early showings. Some theaters even offer family-friendly screenings specifically for this type of thing. Don’t let a few horror stories or the judgment of others scare you off. As long as you are aware that you need to exit the theater if the baby cries and you know your child would probably sleep through it anyway – give it a try.