I Have ‘Baby Brain’ Like Camila McConaughey – Even Though I Have No Babies

Camila McConaughey says babies make you stupidAre you dumber since giving birth? In some ways I feel like I’m smarter, more thoughtful, more emotionally intelligent, but if you asked me a simple question like “what day is today?” most days I would have to think pretty hard about this for a minute before I answered you. I’m pretty sure having kids has made me stupider. And this “baby brain” didn’t just happen when my kids were newborns, it’s still happening now. I totally forgot today was April Fool’s Day. I’m always forgetting where I put things. And don’t you are tell me this is because I’m getting older (Wah! I AM getting older!) because I’m so blaming my lack of common sense intellect on these small people who I gave birth to. From People.com:

Just three months after delivering son Livingston, Camila Alves McConaughey is already back at work, promoting a new Macy’s I.N.C. line as the brand’s spokesmodel, but she’s the first to admit it’s not easy.

”It’s hard to be back to work with such full force early on because your brain is not fully there. You have baby brain,” she jokes to PEOPLE.

”I was on The View answering a question and halfway through, I lost my train of thought. You just laugh at it.”


I swear this isn’t just with new babies, because my own new baby is 8-years-old and I still feel forgetful and sort of foggy a lot of the time. Blame it on lack of sleep, blame it on the fact most of my daily conversations involve Legos and who needs what money for school, but I’m not totally sure I am capable of having an adult conversation about anything more profound than the latest Game Of Thrones episode or about how coffee is like, really good.

You guys, I used to be really smart, I swear. I used to be able to form coherent thoughts on everything from literature to art and politics to popular culture and now my deepest views are usually summed up with “Yeah, rape is really bad.” I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I have a feeling the rest of you are all off somewhere, being really smart without me as I desperately try and explain algebra to my middle kid. Baby brain, it’s not just for moms with new babies anymore!

(photo: WENN)

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