Sandra Bullock & Camila McConaughey Mom Out Because It’s No Biggie They Both Banged Matthew McConaughey

Camila McConaugheyIsn’t it great when adults can actually hang out together and be adults? No jealous baby weight dropping contest between Sandra Bullock and pregnant Camila McConaughey, who were just momming it up together with the kids in New Orleans.

Daily Mail reports that the two mothers have more in common than just copacetic playdates. Camilla’s husband, “Sexiest Man Alive” Matthew McConaughey used to date Sandra Bullock back in the 90s in the days before that unfortunate Jesse James fiasco. But that minor detail seems to have created no hindrance on the two ladies wrapping up their kids, including 2-year-old Louis, 4 -year-old Levi, and 2-year-old Vida and supporting the Warren Easton Charter High School band together.

Now, just so everyone is clear, these two are momming about in some enviable mom frump that includes high school tees, loose jeans, and nice big sweaters. That joint Converse and clog action below the knees are also a nice 90s throw back. It’s a look that says “I’m a mom and I’m outside. What else do you want?”

Our frumpy revolution is catching on, Eve Vawter! If we even have “I’m going to wear a bandage dress as maternity wear Camila Alves coming to our side, we’re definitely making headway.

Next stop, Megan Fox.


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