School District Ends Arbitrary ‘Students Must Kneel Down Before Principal’ Policy

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kneeling stone carvingAnd here I always thought bowing and scraping before school officials ended with my father’s Catholic school days. Apparently not, as district officials in San Bernardino County have reportedly just ended a troublesome policy “that required elementary school students to kneel down before being dismissed to class.”

CBS News reports that principal Dana Carter at Calimesa Elementary School was known to have students, at “various times” throughout the school day, kneel down on one knee and “wait for the principal or another administrator to dismiss them.” This measure was reportedly enforced for safety (?!), particularly after recess or before classes started. The School District Supintendent, Cali Binks, even described the policy as a “positive behavior intervention.”

It wasn’t until some parents got wind of this WTFuckery that the mandatory “students must kneel” policy met its demise:

At least one mother told KCAL9′s Tom Wait she was upset after hearing that her 7-year-old daughter was allegedly forced to kneel before Carter.

“She says that she has to drop down on one knee with her hands at her side, wait for the principal to come out, lift his arms and tell them to go to class,” said the mom.

“I feel that the principal wants to be like a king, and we don’t have kings in America,” she added.

Nope. Just goofy grownups who presumably want to feel like kings over munchkin land.

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