California City Drops Circumcision Ban Proposal After Anti-Semitic Images Emerge

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You may have heard of the San Francisco voter initiative that would ban the practice of circumcision. It also has been proposed in Santa Monica.

The ban is proposed by “intactivists” as a human rights issue but there are major First Amendment problems with such a ban, since, from the Jewis perspective, they have been doing this for 6,000 or so years out of obedience to God. Muslims, likewise, engage in the practice out of religious obligation. Christians have freedom to go one way or the other and some secularists favor the practice for health benefits.

The story took a dramatic turn last week when it was revealed that the leader of the fight to ban circumcision also created a comic book with anti-semitic images.

Here’s how the Los Angeles Times describes the comic:

The image of a bearded, black-hatted Jew with an evil grin and a bloody blade seems straight out of the annals of classic European anti-Semitism.

In this case, however, it is straight out of the pages of a comic book that landed in the middle of a campaign to outlaw circumcision in San Francisco for males under the age of 18. “Foreskin Man,” featuring a blond, buff hero who battles dark, evil Jewish characters, has added a strange and possibly sinister element to the November initiative campaign, which was already heated.

So all of a sudden, the movement is floundering.

The Santa Monica council woman who proposed the ban immediately withdrew her proposal and distanced herself from the anti-semitic cartoon and its creator.

So for the time being, parents in Santa Monica will remain free to raise their children in the religious household of their choice.