Cake Fails That Will Have You LOLing So Hard You’ll Hurt

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Cong…what now?

Image: Instagram/reeceplayroom

The story behind this cake is as equally awesome as the sweet itself. The poster laid it out like this, “”Congratulations Reece” was all that we wanted written on the cake. The guy @publix bakery said that he could do it. After a few minutes, he returns with the cake and says “I kind of had to fit the last few letters at the end, but is this okay?” 😂😂😂. The sad part about it is, they tried 3 more times (with the help of a ‘baking specialist” that was called over). It didn’t get any better!” Yes, we had a good laugh at the end result. No, we would not have taken the responsibility of paying for this abomination.

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