Cake Fails That Will Have You LOLing So Hard You’ll Hurt

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Why does it look like that?

Image: Pinterest/Mashable

Elsa, the princess of winter and wielder of ice and snow. She’s elegant, opulent even adorned with ice crystals and a sparkling gown. There’re a lot of words we’d use to describe the second cake but elegant and opulent are definitely not on the list. This is an Elsa who belongs on an episode of Botched. How did the plan to cut this cake go? Here you go, have a piece of Elsa’s weirdly small head. Oh, you want an overly round shoulder instead? Good choice. The necklace is pretty. So there’s that. She may be stripped of cheekbones or a forehead, but her necklace is fine. Aside from an editor, maybe people need a doctor to explain the human skeleton to cake makers, too?

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