Tragic Story Gets Even Worse As Baby Survivor Of Cab Crash Dies

shutterstock_47551495It’s hard to imagine how the horrific story of a young, expectant couple killed on route to  the hospital could get any worse. It just did. The baby – who was rescued by c-section and in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital – has died.

It’s hard to wrap your head around such a tragedy. The details of the crash are making it even worse. From Fox News:

The engine of the livery car ended up in the backseat, where Raizy Glauber, who was seven months pregnant, was sitting before she was ejected, Abraham said. Her body landed under a parked tractor-trailer, said witnesses who came to the scene after the crash. Nachman Glauber was pinned in the car, and emergency workers had to cut off the roof to get him out, witnesses said.

Both parents died of blunt force trauma. I imagine the only consolation to a grieving family would be the infant who managed to survive the crash. They have just buried their children and now they have to bury their grandchild as well. This is just devastating.

Isaac Abraham, a community leader in Brooklyn reported the news of the infant’s death to ABC News. He said the child sustained brain and other internal injuries. The infant was only three pounds. A cousin of the couple told ABC News that they headed to the hospital because the mother-to-be wasn’t “feeling well.” So they may not have been heading to the hospital to deliver, but rather just to check on the state of mother and baby.

The driver of the BMW that crashed into the livery cab and killed the family is still being sought by police. They believe that they know the driver’s name and are questioning possible witnesses. The woman who co-signed the lease on the BMW is being charged with insurance fraud and allowing a third party to use the vehicle without notifying the insurance company. Not much consolation to a family that has lost so much. The only consolation, as expressed by a friend of the family, may be that the family died together:

“She added that, of him and his bride, ‘if one had to go, the other had to go too because they really were one soul.'”

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