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The Best Mother’s Day Present Is The One You Buy Yourself

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and soon, moms everywhere will take to social media or their friends and complain that their partner did not give them what they wanted. Or possibly, give them anything at all. We’ve heard of men thinking Mother’s Day is something he only needs to worry about for his own mother and I’ve heard of men just flat-out getting it wrong by buying the wrong gift or planning the wrong activities. This year, if you count the year I was pregnant on Mother’s Day, is my ninth time celebrating it as a mom. By now, I’ve learned — if I want a certain gift or want the day to go a certain way, I have to say so or take the reins and just buy it myself.

Of course, in a perfect world, your partner will just know. He will know what gifts you would most love, he will know how you want the day to flow and he will make sure you’re feeling adequately appreciated. Worshiped, even. But the world is rarely perfect and sometimes, some men need a little nudge in the right direction. In my case, my husband needs a giant Elaine-from-Seinfeld-style push in the chest.

You see, he is an excellent father and husband. I know he loves and appreciates me. But the fact is, he sucks at picking out gifts and is also not the greatest at orchestrating a magical day that will make me happy. Because of the aforementioned wonderful characteristics he possesses, I long ago stopped getting upset about it. Just because he doesn’t know what in the hell to buy for me doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. It just means he sucks at buying gifts. And that works out beautifully because I happen to love shopping.

That’s right. For the better part of the last eight Mother’s Days, I have picked out and purchased my own gifts. I have made plans with our families and set up the day the way I would like it to go (factoring in a visit with his mother, of course) and we are all happy with this arrangement. If your spouse continually disappoints you with his version of a perfect Mother’s Day, maybe take the reins yourself! At first, I was a little upset wishing he would surprise me and instinctively know what I would love but it’s just not how he expresses his feelings for me and I accept it. It might not be super romantic, but at the end of the day, I have exactly what I want. I never question how much he appreciates the way I take care of our children and he never frets about bumming me out on Mother’s Day.

I know our weirdo method is not for everyone and some women might truly feel that their partner’s ability to please them with a surprise gift or fantastic Mother’s Day itinerary means a great deal to their relationship but if you find yourself disappointed year after year, maybe give the DIY Mother’s Day a shot. I know I can’t wait for mine next month.

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