10 Places To Buy Cute Kid Clothes With Prices That Won’t Make You Weep

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Babies are like tiny little dolls. During the baby stage they’re kind of like cute potatoes who don’t do much, so dressing them up in cute clothes is one of the most fun things you can do with them. Once they get bigger and start having opinions about clothes, you won’t be able to do this. But when they’re tiny, you can basically dress babies up like the American Girl doll you always wanted. Here are some of my favorite sources for cute baby clothes:

1. H&M

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H&M has an exceptional baby line. They sell organic cotton kimono-front onesies in neutral colors at two for $12.95, and they look just like something North West would wear. Definitely check out their baby sweaters, and don’t feel shackled to the department that corresponds to your baby’s sex. There’s no reason not to look for overalls and sweaters or what have you in the boys’ department just because you have a girl.

2. Kardashian Kids



I am not being facetious here, even though a mom started a petition to ban Kim Kardashian’s baby clothes from Babies R Us, the Kardashian Kids line has some really cute things in it. Yes, there are leather leggings (I want the leather leggings), but there are also onesies with gold polka dots, navy pea coats, and baby hats with ears that will make your ovaries explode.

3. Zara



Zara’s baby and kids departments are wonderfully cute, but they are definitely at the top of my price range. But they have regular seasonal sales, at which point the kids’ clothes become surprisingly affordable. Subscribe to their email alerts to find out when the next one will be happening (it will be soon), and be prepared to dive in. During the last sale I learned that I am definitely not the only person going nuts in the kids’ section whenever the Zara sale starts, so go fast if you want something.

4. Christmas markets

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Nice old ladies selling things for charity are an excellent source of cute, handcrafted baby clothes. I just found a lovely handmade wool Christmas sweater for a $15 donation at a Christmas market stand selling crafts to raise money for children with rheumatism. There’s definitely an element of luck to this one, though, because when I went back to the stand fully intending to clean them out of sweaters, the nice lady with the sweaters had been replaced by an adolescent selling Rainbow Loom bracelets. (I had to buy one. You can’t go up to the charity stand and tell a 12-year-old that you’re not interested in her charity jewelery.)

When Christmas season is over, the same holds true of art fairs. Amidst all the jewelry, dreamcatchers, and candleholders, you can usually find at least one booth selling handmade baby hats or cute toddler clothes. And there are always magic pixie wings, and kids in magic pixie wings are adorable.

5. Etsy



Etsy goods vary wildly in price, but you can find almost anything here. Look for arty, organic baby leggings, offensive novelty onesies, and vintage baby clothes you can get for a steal. Seriously, the vintage stuff tends to go for a song. When you’re a high school girl with a lot of style who can’t afford fancy stuff, you do the vintage thing and look cute as heck. The same holds true for babies. Vintage baby clothes are adorable.

While you’re there, take a look for smocked clothing if you’re into that cutsy, old-timey children’s clothes look. There are several sellers who appear to be nice little old Southern ladies who just smock things all day long for fun and are desperate to sell them to you so they can smock some more things.

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