Do Not Register At ‘Buy Buy Baby’ Because It’s A Total Nightmare

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Most companies have learned that treating customers well helps you keep and grow your customer base. But Buy Buy Baby seems to depend on the fact that most new moms are too overwhelmed to price shop and exchange items. Chances are, they’ll register at Buy Buy Baby, all their friends/family will buy them stuff and then they’ll forget to come back.

Their business model is built on a war of attrition with new moms. They clearly don’t think moms are going to pay attention to their store credits, because they make it nearly impossible to use them.

Companies like and Amazon are eating their lunch. Almost every item on sale at Buy Buy Baby can be found cheaper elsewhere. It’s only a matter of time before Buy Buy Baby is killed by the internet. I will be happy to see it go.

In the meantime, if you’re considering registering there or know someone who is, tell them instead to shop with a company who they’ll actually want to shop with after the baby arrives.

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